DIGIASIA advances into AI solutions with NVIDIA GPU allocation

DIGIASIA advances into AI solutions with NVIDIA GPU allocation

Digi Tech, the UAE-based subsidiary of DIGIASIA, a leading Fintech as a Service ecosystem provider, has secured allocation of an initial tranche of 5,120 NVIDIA H200 GPUs.

The access to NVIDIA’s GPUs will propel DIGIASIA’s development of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for enterprise customers in fintech, telecom, and government sectors. The first iteration of these NVIDIA-powered solutions is expected to be deployed by the fourth quarter of 2024.

DIGIASIA will base operations for its AI initiatives out of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in the UAE leveraging on the UAE and the DIFC’s global leadership in the advancement of advanced AI solutions.

Structure of Transaction and AI Fintech Platform

DIGIASIA has been allocated an initial tranche of 5,120 NVIDIA H200 GPUs with the option for an additional 10,240 GPUs. The total market value of the initial tranche exceeds $400 million and exceeds $1.2 billion with the additional option. Initially, DIGIASIA will deploy these advanced GPUs in Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East, with plans for global expansion.

The integration of NVIDIA’s GPUs will significantly enhance DIGIASIA’s fintech infrastructure, boosting productivity and efficiency. This will enable DIGIASIA enterprise clients to implement advanced solutions such as AML, fraud detection, KYC, smart dealer lending, branchless banking, automated customer journeys, and deep encryption of financial data.

Market Opportunity

DIGIASIA’s access to NVIDIA GPUs opens up a substantial market opportunity, potentially tapping into a USD 200-300 billion annual global market in financial services. By leveraging NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs and AI models, DIGIASIA aims to deliver advanced AI fintech solutions across Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. DIGIASIA plans to utilize its existing enterprise partners and identify incremental strategic partners for AI datacenter hosting to support these innovative solutions.

Executive Insights

Prashant Gokarn, CEO of DIGIASIA, stated, “NVIDIA GPUs are at the core of any AI-based solution. We are thrilled with this allocation, which allows us to develop the next generation of DIGIASIA’s embedded finance platform with generative AI, enhancing precision and productivity for enterprises. This will allow us to continue to support our existing and new enterprise customers in the AI revolution.”

Subir Lohani, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer of DIGIASIA, commented, “Since going public in April, we have consistently executed our strategy to provide innovative solutions to our enterprise clients and expand our geographic reach. We plan to roll out the initial NVIDIA-powered solutions by the fourth quarter of 2024, driving significant growth and attractive returns. We are excited to grow this initiative from the DIFC Innovation Hub / AI Campus in the UAE which has become a global hub for the advancement of AI solutions.”