MoEngage launches purpose-built insights solution to help Australian financial institutions meet evolving consumer expectations

MoEngage launches purpose-built insights solution to help Australian financial institutions meet evolving consumer expectations

Leading AI-powered customer engagement platform MoEngage has launched MoEngage for Financial Services, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform customer engagement within the financial sector.

This newly created platform empowers financial service brands to deliver contextual and relevant customer experiences in real time, overcoming the limitations of traditional marketing technology.

MoEngage for Financial Services is a single, secure platform that enables easy interactions between customers and financial brands, via mobile apps and web browsers. It empowers finance brands to send and manage critical alerts, and service messages and transactional alerts using just a single API.

The platform arrives at a time of need for financial institutions, which are increasingly under pressure to provide seamless, personalised experiences across digital channels. With legacy tools often falling short, resulting in operational inefficiencies, fragmented messaging, and delayed campaign execution, the next generation of insights-led technology needs to provide efficient solutions.

MoEngage for Financial Services tackles these challenges head-on with a suite of features tailored specifically to the industry’s needs.

Secure data management is provided via advanced features like PII Masking, PII Encryption, and SDK Encryption, to ensure watertight customer data privacy and security.

The platform also provides robust insights into customer behaviour, as well as automated customer journeys across various channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and messaging apps. This enables financial institutions to engage their customers more effectively and precisely. In addition, real-time personalisation of customer interactions significantly boosts acquisition and conversion rates.

“We are excited to roll out MoEngage for Financial Services in the Australian market,” said MoEngage’s Australia Country Manager Michael Ricciardone. “With financial services businesses facing strong winds of change in the digital space, this new solution will provide large and complex businesses with straightforward and highly actionable insights to better serve their customers,” he added.

“Over the years, several large banks, insurance providers, and securities firms from Asia to North America have upgraded to MoEngage. The results we have been able to deliver for our customers in this space gave us the confidence to launch a purpose-built solution for financial services,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-Founder of MoEngage.