What is In AI Today?

In AI Today is a news and information platform for global AI or Artificial Intelligence companies, businesses, products and services.

The In AI Today website comprises two main sections:

– News – here you will find all the latest and greatest news articles from the world’s best and brightest AI companies. If you’d like your news shared, please contact us today!

– Directory – on the In AI Today directory you’ll find hundreds of innovative companies, businesses, products and services.
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What else is In AI Today all about?

For AI companies – the site is designed so that each company has its own page to showcase their products and/or services.

InAIToday.com is the perfect platform to showcase products and services to attract the interest of active investors.

InAIToday.com will become the port of call for an increasingly interested public to find out what AI products and services these companies and businesses can offer them.

For the public – we have made it as easy as possible to learn about what the industry is about and what companies are involved. We have begun to develop a comprehensive directory of AI companies that operate anywhere in the world, and where you can find companies and businesses that can provide you with the products and services that you need.

For Investors – InAIToday.com will attract investors curious to see what emerging companies are out there and be intrigued by their products and services.



Although InAIToday.com is new, it’s certainly not our first platform.

The team behind In AI Today are also the team behind Australian FinTech – Australia’s #1 website dedicated to promoting Australian Fintech companies and news to the world.

Since launching Australian FinTech back in 2015, the site has had over 5 million pageviews and now  boasts 45,000 social media followers.

The team have also launched these sites in Australia and around the world: