Aged care AI company InteliCare inks multi-million dollar deal with JNC Technologies Group

Aged care AI company InteliCare inks multi-million dollar deal with JNC Technologies Group

InteliCare, an Australian software company commercialising its proprietary AI driven InteliCare platform in the aged, disability and health care sectors, have announced it has entered into a binding Reseller Agreement with JNC Technologies Group.

JNC is a software business specialising in data aggregation and building software and algorithms to address specific industry challenges in the aged care and NDIS sectors. JNC has a number of market leading software solutions in the aged care sector specifically focused on governance, risk and compliance, aged care quality standards, and aged care consumer care environments.

This is a significant moment in ICR’s commercialisation strategy, as this agreement is the first commercial agreement that ICR has signed of such magnitude, being the largest deployment of the InteliCare platform in the Company’s history. It also represents a noteworthy achievement in ICR’s movement towards a Reseller / Channel Partner focus as a substantial revenue generation opportunity.

The agreement provides the commercial terms on which JNC will offer the Habitat+ platform as ‘Habitat+ powered by InteliCare’ to its clients. The agreement is for an initial term of three (3) years, with 12-month extensions for the deployment of InteliCare. The agreement will generate revenue for the Company through Hardware and Application Software Fees, Installation Fees and Services Fees, as well as the prospect for additional Professional Services Fees if requested by JNC. Under this agreement a revenue share model has been established between ICR and JNC, whereby ICR will retain 66.67% of the margin generated from the hardware reselling fees and application software reselling fees and JNC will receive 33.33% of the margin generated.

ICR & JNC have now completed execution of the first commercial agreement (“Initial Agreement”) to deploy ‘Habitat+ powered by InteliCare’ at Hardi Aged Care, with locations across Greater Sydney, Australia.

Hardi has agreed to implement ‘Habitat+ powered by InteliCare’ into each of its six residential aged care facilities as part of its commitment to continually improve the care provided to its residents under its services. This deployment will begin in early 2024 and be a phased rollout over an anticipated 6 month period.

Daniel Pilbrow, InteliCare CEO, said, ‘’I am delighted to have entered into this agreement for the Company’s first client with JNC and look forward to deploying Habitat+ powered by InteliCare in Hardi’s aged care facilities. I believe this is the start of a long and fruitful partnership between InteliCare and JNC.

‘’JNC is an ideal corporate partner for InteliCare as we seek to execute our commercialisation strategy. One element of the strategy is to seek strong commercial partners. JNC has a very strong network in the aged care industry with customers seeking monitoring and predicative analytics solutions to deliver proactive care within their communities. We are excited by the pipeline of commercial deployment opportunities within the JNC group and we look forward to reaching agreements with other clients in JNC’s network.”

Jason Buckley, CMO from JNC Technologies Group said, “We are fortunate to be working with like-minded partners at both Hardi and InteliCare who share our vision to leverage innovation and technology to deliver better care solutions in aged care. Collaboration provides immense promise for our organisations and marks a significant milestone as we combine InteliCare’s robust software with JNC’s platforms with Hardi’s strong family-based values in aged care. We look forward to accelerating better outcomes for care providers, care workers, and those in need of care via our shared commitment to advancing aged care through innovation.’’

Jo Dalton, Hardi Aged Care GM, added, “I am surrounded by a terrific group of people here at Hardi and am proud of our willingness to embrace innovation and technology to provide better care for our residents. From our CEO Rob Oxford and management team through to our Facility Managers and frontline care teams, it is in our DNA to relentlessly work to identify better ways for better care and we feel we have great partners in this journey with JNC and InteliCare. We are looking forward to the improvements in the prioritisation and predictive care management we are anticipating with our investment from this agreement. With this deployment being the first of its kind across the Australian aged care sector, we are excited for what we can achieve both now and in the future through greater effective care management better enabled via new technology.”