AI revolutionising the future of personal styling

AI revolutionising the future of personal styling

Australian fashion pioneer, Danielle Johansen, is leading innovation in fashion technology with the personal styling platform, Threadicated. It integrates accredited personal stylist knowledge with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology.
Taking the South by South West stage in Sydney today, Danielle Johansen highlighted how technology is driving simplicity in our daily lives particularly when trying to find something to wear.

“The idea started with a distressing phone call from a friend who was frustrated and upset in a fitting room, unable to find something to wear,” shared Danielle.

Recognising the need for a personal styling solution that’s accessible for everybody, affordable, and minimizes waste, Johansen embarked on a mission to reshape Australia’s fashion industry. Her vision was to blend the expertise of accredited personal stylists with AI technology, offering all Australians a chance to enjoy convenient and cost-effective fashion solutions.

“I saw a gap in the market for a personal, convenient styling service that could reach everyone, regardless of location or budget. I wanted everyone to be able to feel wonderful when they got dressed every day, a service once reserved for celebrities and millionaires,” Johansen said.

The result? A personalised and budget-friendly styling experience, leveraging AI and accredited style experts to create customised clothing and accessory bundles, precisely tailored to each individual and conveniently delivered to their door. Clients can then keep their chosen items and return the rest, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The AI continues to evolve as well. Danielle said “prior to developing our AI, there was a 50/50 chance that people would keep what we sent. Now. Our retention rate has increased to 72%. With continued refinements and additional training, we anticipate reaching an 80% keep-rate in the coming months. 70% of our clients order from us more than once and that tells us our community is satisfied and excited by the process to keep coming back.”

Threadicated stands as the ultimate matchmaker, marrying the talents of accredited stylists with technology to ensure that customers find pieces that perfectly match their unique style and body shape, ultimately boosting their confidence and fashion sense.

“AI does the sorting and refining, and then our stylists step in, utilising their expertise and intuition to select the perfect pieces for each client. This human touch at Threadicated brings a level of understanding, empathy, and personal connection that AI alone can never replicate.”

Johansen’s decade-long journey in the fashion industry, coupled with her venture into the world of technology, provided her with the ideal background to create and launch Threadicated in 2019.

“Technology is a powerful tool when harnessed effectively, and I saw its potential in my previous roles. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from people looking for styles that truly reflect them because they may have changed, starting a new job or life stage or hate shopping,” said Johansen.

“Each piece we send is not just an item of clothing – it’s a step towards boosting self-confidence and changing lives – never underestimate the power of a great outfit and exceptional service,” emphasised Johansen.

Threadicated is also breaking new ground in terms of attracting female investors via delighted clientele who admire their services. The company has raised an astounding $800,000 in funding, a remarkable feat considering that just 3 percent of venture capital funding went to all-women-founded startups in 2022 according to the State of Australian Startup Funding report, 2022.
From pioneering advanced AI technology, styling clients from Ultimo to Uluru, and assembling a dedicated team of stylists, Threadicated is leading the charge in a transformative, feel-good fashion revolution.