AssuranceLab: The journey towards 50 incredible team members

AssuranceLab: The journey towards 50 incredible team members

AssuranceLab has celebrated a major milestone this year with the compliance auditing firm, hiring its 50th employee.

AssuranceLab Co-Founder and Co-CEO Paul Wenham shared his feelings on what this milestone meant for the team and himself, who started as a solo entrepreneur only three years ago.

“What an incredible moment this is! With 18 new hires since the beginning of 2024 and cracking the 50+ employee milestone, I can’t help but feel inspired and excited about where we are heading together.

“Just three years ago, I was a solo operator, dreaming big but working from a very small reality.

“In the last few years, each new person has brought new perspectives and capabilities to the team and played a meaningful part in driving our culture,” he said.

To coincide with this exciting growth milestone, the team gathered in Sydney for the first offsite for 2024.

Bradley Steinbach, People and Culture Manager at AssuranceLab, spoke about this milestone and the event.

“We welcomed close to 40 of our employees from not only around Australia, but also the Philippines, Ireland, and the US to Sydney earlier this year.

“It was amazing for the team to have a chance to meet face-to-face and further reinforce and build upon our culture through team-building games, exercise and food & drink!” he said.

“Hitting the ‘50 employees’ milestone is a major success for the business, and seeing the team grow from 32 in February to 50 in May has been a really exciting challenge,” Bradley added.

Both Paul and Bradley shared their visions for the future at AssuranceLab stating that this is just the beginning. 

“It takes time to see the impact of each new person translate into great outcomes for the company, but it’s about recognising this milestone and growing the impact over time that really excites me for the months and years ahead,” Paul said.

“Hitting 50 employees is a massive celebration point and this is just the start for AssuranceLab. We can’t wait to continue the growth into the back half of 2024 and beyond!” added Bradley.

The team at AssuranceLab now set their eyes on continuing to roll out their AI-audit model, and plan for what their next 50 employees might look like!