Attentive launches Attentive AI to deliver personalized experiences for every customer

Attentive launches Attentive AI to deliver personalized experiences for every customer

AI marketing platform Attentive have announced the next generation of Attentive AI with two premium AI solutions – AI Journeys and AI Pro. Tailor-made for marketers, these solutions are reshaping the future of SMS and email with hyper-personalized interactions for the consumer, driving proven revenue lifts.

E-commerce shopping is at an inflection point and with AI, brands have the opportunity to evolve from traditional one-to-many messages towards true one-to-one personalization that will revolutionize their marketing efforts.

“Over the past decade, Attentive has been at the forefront of mobile marketing, collecting valuable data for the world’s leading brands,” said Amit Jhawar (pictured), CEO of Attentive. “This puts us in a unique position to identify consumers, understand their motivations and actions, and help brands provide unparalleled personalized experiences. None of our competitors can match our level of technology expertise or the results we are delivering for our customers.”

Delivering Real Business Value with AI:

With AI Journeys and AI Pro, companies can now send personalized and two-way messages that drive maximum performance, by optimizing the audience, content, timing, and destination of each message. With hundreds of brands who have tested either of the two products, the company is one of the first marketing solutions to make AI value a reality for marketers with proven revenue lifts and increased loyalty.

Hyper-personalize with AI Journeys and AI Pro:

Trained on over two trillion datapoints and 90 billion messages sent by brands in more than 70 verticals, AI Journeys and AI Pro take the heavy lifting out of personalization—from data analytics and predicting shopper behavior to audience management and copywriting. The platform empowers brands to finally deliver on personalized consumer experiences throughout their shopping journey, ensuring that each message is tailored to the individual, resulting in the highest performance.

Here is how it works:

  • AI Journeys: Enables brands to maximize behavioral-based SMS and email revenue by creating individually personalized experiences for subscribers.
    • Leverages Attentive AI™ to gather signals from a subscriber’s interactions with the brand to best determine when to send a message, how many messages to send, and what the content of the messages should be (image, copy, length, brand voice, link destination, and more).
    • As each customer’s interaction is unique, every message is created in real time with proprietary models to optimize performance all in the brand’s voice. For example, if the same customer added the same item to their cart twice, they would receive two different messages, based on their evolving behavioral pattern.
  • AI Pro: Enhances messaging performance by recognizing more site visitors, targeting audiences with the highest purchase intent with hyper-personalized messages sent at the ideal time for each subscriber.
    • AI audience building automatically filters out those who won’t buy and adds subscribers that are likely to engage that day. Every message can be fine-tuned with send time optimization to the individual subscriber and personalized copy recommendation in the brand’s voice.

Compliance-First Platform Designed for Enterprise-Size Brands:

Attentive has built its offering with a compliance-first mindset, and regularly monitors developments in the locations where our services are offered to ensure that its products are designed to give brands the tools to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. AI-powered Journeys use a combination of generative, predictive, and conversational AI to give brands the opportunity to foster genuine connections with their subscribers through deeper levels of personalization and two-way conversations.