Australian AI startup Leonardo.Ai launches Leonardo for Teams

Australian AI startup Leonardo.Ai launches Leonardo for Teams

Leonardo.Ai, the Aussie startup on track to be one of the country’s fastest-growing SaaS companies, today announced the rollout of its first dedicated enterprise offering, Leonardo for Teams. Marking a first for GenAI, Leonardo for Teams is an AI-powered suite designed to fuel creative collaboration and will allow multiple creators to work side-by-side and streamline workflows.

With the GenAI industry experiencing exponential growth and poised for ongoing market acceleration, Leonardo.Ai is building to meet the growing expectations of enterprises for efficient, scalable and compliant asset production. With ‘Leonardo for Teams’ now live in beta, marketing, design and creative departments can create visual assets in an entirely new way.

Leonardo.Ai now has over 15 million users, more than doubling its user base in the last four months. With 6 million visual assets being created daily, over one billion unique assets have been completed since the platform’s official launch in December 2022.

Leonardo for Teams marks a pivotal milestone in the industry’s use of GenAI as a resource for enterprise-grade visual asset production, demonstrating the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a single-use to an essential creative platform for companies.

Compliance and commercial safety are central to the offering, which Leonardo for Teams delivers via models which are trained on fully licenced data. This includes full attribution to rights-holders, addressing enterprise legal requirements. It comes coupled with a copyright indemnification policy, supporting seamless adoption from a compliance standpoint.

Over 900 companies across industries including film & entertainment, marketing and creative services, architecture and interior design are already benefiting from Leonardo.Ai’s customisable AI workflows and tools.

Unlike traditional visual production, creators using Leonardo for Teams can create, generate, and edit visual assets side-by-side into one collaborative feed. The functionality allows real-time reviews of images and visual assets, reducing time spent on edits and production. Leonardo for Teams also allows companies to privately share fine-tuned models that can be trained and utilised by entire teams in tandem with organisational-level asset management.

“Leonardo for Teams was born from the demand of marketers, designers, architects, film makers and a host of other creatives,” commented Jachin Bhasme, COO and Co-Founder of Leonardo.Ai. “We believe creativity is central to an enterprise’s success — it’s a key competitive advantage. Our enterprise offering brings scale and razor-sharp efficiency to the creative process, enabling major industries to transform their historic approach. It’s just the start of what we’re planning for Enterprise, and represents a significant step forward for GenAI, evolving from a tool for individual creators to a commercially robust offering.”

The dedicated enterprise suite further supports Leonardo.Ai’s growing expansion into new creative industries including advertising and marketing, design and architecture, film, fashion, photography, e-commerce, education, and more.

In addition to Leonardo for Teams, the company has also recently released a series of new features driven by its growing community. This includes a transparency tool for generating native transparent PNGs for graphic design applications, and print-on-demand. Leonardo’s Motion feature has already seen over 3.5 million video clips generated. Additionally, work is underway on Leonardo’s own proprietary foundational model, which will expand capabilities beyond standard image generation. This development is further enhanced by a suite of new photorealistic models and upscalers setting new standards for high-fidelity visual asset generation.