Award-Winning trade promotion optimisation software selected by Asahi

Award-Winning trade promotion optimisation software selected by Asahi

Complexica, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimizing sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions, announced today that Asahi Lifestyle Beverages (ALB) has selected the Trade Promotion Management and Optimisation (TPX) module of Complexica’s Artificial Intelligence platform Decision Cloud® software platform for Trade Promotion Optimisation (TPO). Complexica will provide ALB with advanced capabilities for optimizing the value of future promotions based on volume, margin, and net price realization, as well as enabling goal-based automated scenario planning considering different price points, promoted package groups, promotional mechanics, frequencies, and other variables and KPI objectives.

“Asahi Lifestyle Beverages is Asahi Beverages’ non-alcoholic drinks business in Australia. ALB makes and distributes some of Australia’s most-loved drinks through a variety of channels, such as grocery retailers and petrol & convenience outlets,” said Albert Lee, Group Head of Strategic Revenue Growth Management at Asahi Beverages. “Given this complexity and the need to connect multiple departments into a streamlined end-end workflow – ranging from multiple scenario planning analytics carried out by the revenue growth management team and slotting a promotional plan by the key account managers, through to accurately accruing different contract types – we saw the need for a robust TPM solution with best-in-class TPO functionality, and that’s the reason we selected Complexica’s Decision Cloud® platform.”

Leonard Arantes, Complexica’s Director of Sales, added, “Optimising promotional plans with the right mix of products, discounts, and frequencies in order to drive volume and margin growth is a complicated task, which requires considerable expertise and effort. We’ve made significant investments into our TPX module over the years to enable full end-end TPM and TPO functionality, enabling real-time analytics and management of all trade spend investments, including contracts across all channels.

“We are excited to start the implementation for the Decision Cloud® platform in ALB,” said Doug Misener, Complexica’s Director of FMCG, “and look forward to working together to unlock improved marketplace outcomes in the years ahead, with our TPX module enabling users to automate processes and make the right decision at the right time.”

Asahi Lifestyle Beverages’ diverse range of drinks includes leading brands such as Schweppes, Solo, Cottee’s, and Cool Ridge water. It also includes Spring Valley and Charlie’s juices plus StrangeLove premium adult soft drinks and mixers. It also proudly manufactures and distributes under license Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sunkist, Gatorade, and Lipton Iced Tea