Bytedance partners with Tecnotree Moments for Next Gen AI and 5G telecom enterprise monetization

Bytedance partners with Tecnotree Moments for Next Gen AI and 5G telecom enterprise monetization

Tecnotree have announced a ground-breaking partnership with BytePlus, the enterprise arm of Bytedance, to revolutionise wholesale enterprise monetization through Tecnotree Moments campaign management for CSPs. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in B2B2X digital ecosystem management, showcasing a bold step towards enhanced AI and API monetization strategies for CSPs worldwide.

Tecnotree Moments, leveraging its expertise in telco partner ecosystem monetisation, has partnered with Byteplus, in digital media and distribution, introducing cutting-edge solutions that drive value and growth for CSPs. The partnership underscores Tecnotree Moments’s commitment to delivering AI solutions such as channel personalization and interactive experiences on a unified telecom led customer data platform, enabling CSPs to unlock new enterprise revenue streams through AIML and Multi-AIML model management for goal based learning delivering hyper-personalisation in video, music and ARVR advertising for the 3 dimensional 5G world.

The reseller API integration will see Tecnotree Moments reselling Byteplus’s advanced media technology on Moments’ campaign and marketplace to a ecosystem of digital services partners through CSPs. Tecnotree will be integrating wholesale advertising, content personalisation, and AIML recommendation models, to help CSPs in B2B2X enterprise monetisation across telecom, social media and digital channels. The comprehensive monetization suite, while enhancing customer experience will unlock new revenue streams for Telcos beyond data bundling, empowering CSPs to maximize revenue opportunities through Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Mille (CPM) models and other cloud based subscription models for advertising.

Commenting on the partnership, Prianca Ravichander, CMO and Global Head of Partnerships of Tecnotree Corporation, said, “The 5G AI future is 3 dimensional with the digital landscape rapidly evolving, there is an opportunity to help CSPs monetize hyper-personalisation for enterprises on the Tecnotree Moments communication as a service platform. We are thrilled about the collaboration and its potential to reshape channel personalisation through telcos. By combining Tecnotree Moments’ channel personalisation platform for CSPs with Byteplus’s advanced creator tools and content recommendation technology for guaranteed uplift, we aim to empower creators, enterprises and telcos to thrive in the new digital economy.”

Charlie Sung, Global Head Partnership & Ecosystem, ByteDance and BytePlus said, “Our collaboration with Tecnotree Moments represents a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize digital monetization and our commitment to the region. Together, we look forward to empowering CSPs with innovative solutions, capitalize on the growing demand for personalization, and position ourselves for success in today’s digital economy.”