DataStax and LlamaIndex partner to make building RAG applications easier than ever for GenAI developers

DataStax and LlamaIndex partner to make building RAG applications easier than ever for GenAI developers

DataStax, the Gen AI data company, overnight announced its out-of-the-box retrieval augmented generation (RAG) solution. RAGStack, is now generally available powered by LlamaIndex as an open source framework, in addition to LangChain.

DataStax RAGStack for LlamaIndex is also the first partner to support an integration (currently in public preview) with LlamaIndex’s LlamaParse, which gives developers using Astra DB a simple API to efficiently parse and transform complex PDFs into vectors in minutes.

LlamaIndex is a framework for ingesting, indexing, and querying data for building generative AI applications and addresses the ingestion pipelines needed for enterprise-ready RAG. LlamaParse is LlamaIndex’s new offering that targets enterprise developers building RAG over complex PDFs; it enables clean extraction of tables by running recursive retrieval, promising more accurate parsing of the complex documents often found in business.

RAGStack with LlamaIndex offers a comprehensive solution tailored to address the challenges encountered by enterprise developers in implementing RAG solutions. Key benefits include a curated Python distribution available on PyPI, ensuring smooth integration with Astra DB, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and Apache Cassandra, and a live RAGStack test matrix and proven GenAI app templates. The inclusion of LlamaIndex enhanced indexing and parsing capabilities enables users to use LlamaIndex alone, or in combination with LangChain and their ecosystem including LangServe, LangChain Templates, and LangSmith.

“We are excited to be working with DataStax to streamline the implementation process of RAG techniques,” said Jerry Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of LlamaIndex. “Together, we’re reshaping the RAG landscape by offering a simplified journey for not only enterprises but also developers looking to put GenAI applications into production with ease. This collaboration embodies our commitment to simplicity, innovation, and limitless possibilities.”

“At Imprompt, we’re pioneering digital interaction with our ‘Chat-to-Everything’ platform, seamlessly integrating with Astra DB from DataStax as our primary vector store,” said Jeff Schneider, CEO at Imprompt. “With RAGStack powered by LlamaIndex, we enhance enterprise offerings while prioritizing privacy. Our integration with RAGStack enables secure data exchange, powering innovation for global enterprises.”

“Out-of-the-box RAG solutions are in high demand, so this integration is a significant milestone for our enterprise developers seeking to implement generative AI applications,” said Davor Bonaci, CTO and Executive Vice President, DataStax. “By incorporating LlamaIndex into RAGStack, we are providing developers with a comprehensive GenAI stack that simplifies the complexities of RAG implementation, while offering long-term support and compatibility assurance.”

To learn more about the integration, join the live “how to” event on March 12 at 10 a.m. PT with LlamaIndex and Imprompt – sign up here for details. To get started, check out the notebook examples of how to use LlamaIndex and LlamaParse with Astra DB.