EzzyBills unveils groundbreaking AI-powered Task Generator, revolutionising fintech automation

EzzyBills unveils groundbreaking AI-powered Task Generator, revolutionising fintech automation

EzzyBills, a leading innovator in financial technology solutions, have announced the launch of its innovative AI-powered Task Generator.

EzzyBills‘ new task generator will empower businesses with cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms to automate and streamline repetitive financial tasks.

“At EzzyBills, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to empower businesses with transformative solutions,” said Michael Fitzmaurice, Director at EzzyBills.

“The introduction of our AI-powered Task Generator marks a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing fintech automation. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we are enabling businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy in their finance operations and team.”

The task generator, which was beta launched a few weeks ago, has already helped EzzyBills customers do things like:

– Convert invoice total from USD to AUD (Australian dollar)

– For invoices where the supplier’s name has Bunnings, add a credit card surcharge of 1.25% and code the surcharge as bank fees

– If the supplier is not in my supplier list, switch workflow to “unknown” workflow.

To display the capabilities of the new Task Generator and offer valuable insights into its implementation, EzzyBills will be hosting an exclusive webinar titled “Unveiling EzzyBills New Feature: AI Powered Task Generation.”

Scheduled for March 6th at 11:00am AEDT, this webinar will feature a live demonstration of the product by our developers and the chance to ask questions about this new feature, “We are thrilled to invite industry professionals and decision-makers to attend this informative webinar, whether or not they are already customers of EzzyBills,” added Michael Fitzmaurice. “Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the transformative potential of AI in fintech automation and learn how EzzyBills is leading the way in driving innovation in this space.”

Registration for the webinar is now open, and interested participants can secure their spot here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how EzzyBills is shaping the future of fintech automation with AI.