Montreal’s BrainBox AI introduces ARIA: The world’s first Generative AI-powered virtual building assistant

Montreal’s BrainBox AI introduces ARIA: The world’s first Generative AI-powered virtual building assistant

Montreal-headquartered BrainBox AI, a pioneer in building technology, today announced the launch of the world’s first virtual building assistant, ARIA (Artificial Responsive Intelligent Assistant). Powered by the latest generative AI technology with Amazon Bedrock, ARIA is designed to enhance building efficiency by assimilating seamlessly into the day-to-day processes related to building management. Akin to the iconic relationship of Iron Man and Jarvis, ARIA offers first-of-its-kind technology and ingenuity to serve as the essential companion to facility managers. Created for use in the commercial and retail spaces, ARIA is equipped with the predictive ability to circumvent operational problems while maintaining a watchful eye over a building’s blind spots, effectively redefining traditional facilities management.

With BrainBox AI’s trailblazing autonomous AI technology as its internal compass, ARIA provides a 360-degree view of a building’s data, zeroing in specifically on its systems and its components to make recommendations that are not just accurate, but holistically informed for strategic decision-making. Ingrained in ARIA’s design is a two-way interaction. Not only can facility managers and building operators prompt it to carry out specific tasks, but they can also expect the virtual assistant to make and directly advise future actions toward the most efficient and effective management of their building. Clients can “call” on ARIA via text or voice and seamlessly take their interactions from desktop to mobile without skipping a beat. ARIA’s generative AI engine works 24/7 to help clients prioritize and optimize their buildings. This master feature transforms building management from reactive to proactive, increases its value, and directly contributes to an organization’s sustainability efforts.

“ARIA’s intelligence and intuition channels AI in truly unprecedented ways to help clients achieve their own unique decarbonization, energy consumption, and operational efficiency goals. ARIA enables building teams to delegate mundane operational tasks and repetitive analytics to it so they can focus on more value-driven tasks,” said Jean-Simon Venne, BrainBox AI’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “In just two years, generative AI has demonstrated its boundless capabilities across all sectors. Its rapid growth mirrors its equally swift market adoption, proving that it is a worthy asset to any organization that seeks to stay ahead of the curve in innovation and efficiency.”

The company’s fully autonomous feature is built on Amazon Bedrock, surrounded by a unique combination of AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, and Amazon Athena services. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models from leading AI companies and Amazon via a single API, along with a broad set of capabilities for BrainBox AI to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), BrainBox AI is able to harness the power of AI and machine learning to drive innovation and build AI-powered solutions that can easily scale. In January, BrainBox AI announced that it had officially joined the AWS Partner Network, a global community of AWS partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.

“Amazon Bedrock was designed to help companies build transformative generative AI solutions and get to market faster,” said Howard Wright, Vice President and Global Head of Startups at AWS. “We couldn’t be happier to see a groundbreaking solution like ARIA come to fruition—one that will completely change building operations and empower facility managers around the world to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions even beyond what they have been able to do with BrainBox AI’s existing solution.”

ARIA is BrainBox AI’s indelible mark on the generative AI landscape, as it continues to lead the way in solutions for the built environment. Together with BrainBox AI’s core AI for HVAC technology, ARIA makes a significant impact on building operations management, reducing HVAC energy costs by up to 25% and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%. The company is excited by this significant step change in innovation that meaningfully advances its mission to help save the planet with AI.