Orbian launches new partnership with supply chain analytics platform Calculum

Orbian launches new partnership with supply chain analytics platform Calculum

Orbian have teamed-up with Calculum, a science-driven and AI-powered supply chain analytics platform, to provide the best payment terms optimization options to its clients utilizing market-level data and real-time analysis of Orbian’s supplier data set.

Orbian is the leading provider of Supply Chain Finance solutions and has been successfully providing dedicated buyer-centric payables solutions for 25 years. Orbian allows buyers to combine “Supply Chain Finance” and “Payment with Terms” products in one buyer program. The perfect composition of each program (i.e. where Orbian proposes to buyers which of their suppliers is offered “Supply Chain Finance” and which is offered “Payment with Terms”) requires more information about the relevant suppliers than was needed in the past.

Calculum revolutionizes supplier intelligence with cutting-edge AI technology, providing businesses and their procurement teams with unparalleled insights on their suppliers and their payment terms. Calculum’s ADA Platform harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to streamline complex data processes, empowering its users to extract actionable intelligence quickly and accurately.

“Forming a strategic alliance with Orbian, the leading provider of Supply Chain Finance solutions, underscores our commitment to revolutionizing supplier intelligence. By combining our AI-powered ADA Platform with Orbian’s expertise, we’re well positioned to deliver unparalleled insights and solutions for optimized payment terms to their customers,” Karel Krejčí, VP Sales (EMEA), Calculum.

Orbian chose Calculum because of its years of experience and expertise in the market and ongoing improvement of its product offer.

When asked how this decisive partnership will allow Orbian to keep thriving, Markus Schiffers, Managing Director at Orbian, said, “It was crucial for us that Calculum built Orbian specific requirements to give us the exact information that we need. It is great to deal with the Calculum team that has a rich background in Supply Chain Finance. Life is so much easier when both parties in a conversation speak the same language.”

Together with Accenture, Calculum and Orbian will also host a live webinar about ‘The Role of Innovative Technologies and the Importance of Data in SCF’ on 2nd July, 2024.

The webinar will explore the role of AI and the innovative scientific approaches that are part of the evolving landscape of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) today.