Resco launches mobile solutions for Microsoft Power Platform

Resco launches mobile solutions for Microsoft Power Platform

Resco, a pioneer in mobile technology with years of experience with cross-platform enterprise mobility solutions, is bringing the best of its portfolio to Microsoft Power Platform. Resco Forms+, Resco Docs+, and Resco Steps+ are designed to speed up the development of business applications in Power Platform that tackle frontline challenges related to data capture, knowledge sharing, and document generation.

Resco helps the world work better outside the office by making it simple to build complex mobile experiences for frontline workers. They make up 80% of the workforce —that’s 2 billion workers worldwide. Equipping them with the best tools and technology is one of the critical objectives of our era.

Andrew Lorraine, CEO of Resco said, “We are thrilled to announce the availability of Resco Forms+, Steps+, and Docs+. Now anyone developing on the Power Platform will be able to use the best from Resco and our two decades of enterprise mobility and development experience. You’ll be able to natively enhance and extend your Power Platform solutions for a wide range of complex frontline challenges with our data capture, knowledge, and documents solutions.”

Resco Forms+ allows the creation of complex forms for collecting data in a drag-and-drop interface. These forms can be used to model workflows and to conduct surveys, audits, and inspections.

Resco Docs+ lets users create and distribute unified documents using Dataverse and data from the field. Reports, invoices, work orders, and status updates can be automatically stored on Dataverse, uploaded to SharePoint, or sent by e-mail.

Resco Steps+ enables the creation of step-by-step instruction guides with images, texts, and videos, making them available exactly where frontline workers need them.

Power Platform users can tap into all the innovations by Microsoft and its community of independent software vendors without the need for complicated development. This brings the latest AI advancements including Copilot, AI Power Virtual Agents, and AI Builder, to the fingertips of users. Resco solutions enhance AI effectiveness by leveraging high-quality data from frontline workers and bolstering data health within organizations.

Resco develops cross-platform mobile software solutions and has a longstanding tradition of collaborating closely with frontline work communities, incorporating their insights, and earning the trust of over 800 corporate customers, including Kemp&Lauritzen, Southern States TOYOTAlift, and Strabag.