Safe and Responsible AI report welcomed but action can start today

Safe and Responsible AI report welcomed but action can start today

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) welcomes today’s release of the Australian Government’s interim report on Safe and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI), which includes many of the issues and suggestions raised by ATSE, and urges swift action in key areas.

The report identifies future actions including expert testing of AI systems and public reporting on AI system usage, both of which were recommended by ATSE’s submission. ATSE has also urged strengthening misinformation and disinformation laws, and welcomes future reforms suggested in the interim report.
It is critical that robust measures are rapidly implemented to position Australia at the forefront of AI development and as a global leader in responsible use of AI.

“The government’s interim response is encouraging and aligns with many of ATSE’s recommendations. However, there is an urgent need to move forward now, particularly in areas like enhanced misinformation laws, the establishment of an expert advisory group, and mandatory guard rails for high-risk AI uses,” said Dr Katherine Woodthorpe, ATSE President.

“It is also essential to involve and consult consumer advocates when setting risk thresholds for AI applications. Their inclusion will ensure a balanced and comprehensive approach to AI regulation, reflecting a wide range of societal needs and concerns.

“This is Australia’s AI moment. With the right actions, we can lead in both technological and regulatory innovation in AI, setting a global standard for responsible and effective AI development and deployment,” said Dr Woodthorpe.

ATSE looks forward to continuing its work with government and other stakeholders on AI. The foundational report on Generative AI requested by the National Science and Technology Council – co-authored by ATSE – provides an evidence base for the Australian Government’s AI policy initiatives. ATSE stands ready to ensure Australia harnesses AI’s transformative potential while maintaining the highest standards of safety, responsibility, and innovation.