Superhero releases new AI news summary feature

Superhero releases new AI news summary feature

Superhero, a leading fintech and wealth management platform has today announced its first customer-facing AI integration, delivering a richer experience for investors to better research the companies they’re invested in.

Currently available on its mobile app, Superhero investors are able to read AI generated summaries of Australian-listed company announcements.

CTO and Co-Founder of Superhero, Wayne Baskin said this was the first phase of our rollout of AI across our platform as we continue to focus on delivering value to investors.

“Our AI news feature has been developed to better support our 275,000 investors. This new feature will make it easier for investors to keep abreast of announcements and events relevant to their holdings by providing a simpler summary of sometimes complex announcements.

“As we look to future product development, we see Superhero’s use of AI as an enabler to deliver better outcomes for our customers, including providing deeper portfolio insights, personalised investment discovery and potentially financial advice.”

After selecting a company announcement, Superhero’s trained AI service will generate a summary, usually within a few seconds. Investors will then have the option to continue on to the full announcement.

Baskin concluded, “While this is our first public release of AI on our platform, we have been leveraging AI internally for some time. We have a number of features in the pipeline for public release in 2024 to continue offering investors an intuitive experience to drive higher engagement and ultimately grow their wealth.”