Uniphore unveils enhanced interaction analytics solution powered by Generative AI

Uniphore unveils enhanced interaction analytics solution powered by Generative AI

Uniphore, one of the world’s largest AI-native companies, have announced a major upgrade to its U-Analyze analytics solution, which builds on the company’s industry-leading multimodal enterprise AI platform to help customers effectively access data and power their AI needs.

This new generative AI-fueled version of U-Analyze directly addresses a growing need among global enterprises to leverage the power of AI and their own data. Drawing from customer conversations across text, voice and video, business leaders can make knowledgeable, timely, data-driven decisions to revolutionize their customers’ experiences as well as agent performance.

This announcement is a deliberate next step following the introduction of Uniphore’s groundbreaking U Capture, an AI-native solution that aids customers’ ability to capture, structure and apply a full suite of multimodal data – powered by the company’s X-Platform. A key benefit for customers includes the ownership and accessibility of their own data whenever they need it, to drive additional value.

Bolstered by Uniphore’s powerful X-Platform, U-Analyze works seamlessly with U-Capture to analyze conversational data in real time and generate unique AI-driven insights for each enterprise. The insights, along with the automated and manual coaching capabilities, allow enterprises to continuously improve customer experiences and engagement. Ultimately, U-Analyze will help enterprises predict and adapt to customer and market needs.

When you combine the power of the two solutions, the analytics provide timely AI-generated insights that have the potential to dramatically improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

“Analytics will never be the same with Uniphore’s enterprise-grade AI platform transforming the way our customers are able to harness the power and value of data,” said Umesh Sachdev, Co-Founder and CEO of Uniphore. “This is a significant milestone in Uniphore’s unwavering commitment to our global enterprise customers on their journey to becoming AI-led companies.”

A recent global survey of over 500 contact center leaders sponsored by Uniphore underscored the need for AI-driven insights. For example, nearly 40% of respondents said they lack the data to respond quickly to business decisions or improve their customers’ experiences. Also, 86% said the decisions they make are not predominantly data-driven, reinforcing the massive opportunity for business leaders and enterprises to put their own data to use.

“Enterprise organizations are hungry for better insights – and better conversational analytics solutions. Traditional analytics solutions don’t necessarily include the technologies driving the current wave of innovation in the enterprise – including generative AI and knowledge AI,” said Hayley Sutherland, Research Manager, Conversational AI & Intelligent Knowledge Discovery at IDC. “With these upgrades to U-Analyze, Uniphore is keeping on the cutting edge of such innovations and helping organizations move the needle when it comes to AI-driven actionable insights based on customer interactions, which could have a big impact on business processes and results.”