UXDA’s AI-powered spatial banking redefines digital finance on Apple Vision Pro

UXDA’s AI-powered spatial banking redefines digital finance on Apple Vision Pro

UXDA, a pioneer of innovation in digital financial services design, has unveiled its vision of AI-powered spatial banking for Apple Vision Pro. According to the UXDA team, this groundbreaking initiative represents more than just an innovative banking interface; it’s a transformative journey into the future of the banking experience.

UXDA’s design vision addressed the key factors and challenges in designing banking services for the spatial computing platform Apple Vision Pro, which is set to launch on February 2, 2024 in the US. With the launch of Vision Pro, Apple intends to shift the digital world from mobile computing, in which they have become trendsetters, to revolutionary spatial computing. So the UXDA team wondered how this new capability could be used to create the next generation of banking experiences.

The UXDA team has dedicated months to research and experimentation, reimagining the future of banking. The resulting concept extends beyond the traditional banking service model, focusing on enhancing and empowering customer lifestyle through AI and spatial computing. The intuitive solution architecture is centered on customer needs and consists of three main sections: financial snapshot, cash flow center and products marketplace, as well as conversational AI advisor chat.

The spatial banking revolves around an AI advisor, providing a preview of an intuitive and intelligent user experience (UX). The AI advisor transforms banking interactions into a dynamic dialogue. Leveraging AI, spatial banking can understand and adapt to each user’s unique lifestyle and context, offering bespoke financial solutions and contextual recommendations. For example, when AI detects a discount on an already completed purchase in a user’s multiple cards, it holds the transaction for 24 hours and offers an option to switch the purchase to the card that provides the discount.

UXDA’s compelling spatial banking motion video uploaded on YouTube brings this concept to life, illustrating an interface that seamlessly integrates AI-powered banking into our daily routines. A detailed UX case study published in a UXDA blog provides a full-solution overview and specific AI use cases in banking, including credit score improvement, tax guide, automation of repeating payments and actions to reduce financial stress. And all this can be done with the touch of one button in AI chat.

“Today’s banks are focused on providing features and transactions, but our team was interested in imagining how the latest technology can help enrich customers’ lifestyles through banking,” commented Alex Kreger, founder of the UXDA agency. “It’s entirely possible that, within a decade, AI-powered spatial computing will not just change the way people bank; it will change their way of life, just like the Apple iPhone did.”

UXDA’s AI-powered spatial banking concept aims to do more than just showcase technological advancements; it seeks to inspire the financial industry with a vision of what the future could hold. The UXDA team believes that, with next-gen technological innovations and a human-centered design approach, this future is not a distant dream but an emerging reality.