Adarga welcomes the US DoD’s former AI Chief Lt Gen Michael S. Groen to its Global Advisory Board

Adarga welcomes the US DoD’s former AI Chief Lt Gen Michael S. Groen to its Global Advisory Board

Adarga, the British AI leader in information intelligence, today announced that Lieutenant General Michael S. Groen (U.S. Marine Corps, Ret.), the former director of the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), has joined its global board of advisors. General Groen will bring profound operational and command experience, particularly in the field of military intelligence, to Adarga’s Advisory Group. He will support Adarga’s ongoing expansion in the US, its AUKUS endeavours and its work with other allied nations.

General Groen previously served over 36 years in the US military. Prior to his role at the JAIC, where he served as the US Department of Defense’s (US DoD) most senior executive for AI, he served in the Intelligence Community through multiple assignments. He served in the National Security Agency (NSA) overseeing Computer Network Operations, and as the Director of Joint Staff Intelligence (JSJ2), working closely with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Secretary of Defense, the Defense Intelligence Agency and senior leaders across the US DoD. He is an experienced US Marine commander and a multi-tour combat veteran who has served in a variety of command and staff appointments in operational, ground, air, and naval units.

General Groen said, “With the right effort to implement AI today, we will find our militaries operating with unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency in the future. But we can’t do this alone. It’s vital we work in lockstep with private sector companies like Adarga to leverage the remarkable pace of AI development so we can adapt to the evolving character of warfare.”

“One of the reasons I’m so pleased to be joining Adarga’s team is that they have understood for years, and perhaps better than anyone else, that AI can be applied responsibly to address vital defence and national security challenges now. Capabilities like their Vantage software prove that – augmenting human intelligence to power new levels of data-driven decision-making”, he continued.

Having led the US DoD through the integration of AI capabilities, General Groen knows from personal experience that achieving the necessary speed of adoption of emerging technology can be as difficult as its development.

Sir Chris Harper, Chair of Adarga’s Advisory Group, said, “I’m delighted to welcome General Groen to the Adarga Advisory Group. Bringing deep understanding of AI adoption challenges, his illustrious military career and invaluable experience commanding JAIC make him a huge asset to our team. He joins at a vital time to support Adarga’s AUKUS pillar 2 ambitions.”

Adarga CEO, Rob Bassett Cross, said, “Having an advisor of General Groen’s experience and calibre, along with his enduring passion for and focus on the mission, will help us deliver on our commitment to strengthen international alliances, build technologically enabled coalitions, and deliver software that gives our users a clear advantage over their adversaries.”