Global industrial software leader Cognite releases industry’s first Definitive Guide to Generative AI

Global industrial software leader Cognite releases industry’s first Definitive Guide to Generative AI

Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, today announced the release of “The Definitive Guide To Generative AI for Industry”, a manual for companies to accelerate AI innovation and reduce time to value.

“The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry,” explains and defines the technological requirements necessary to make AI work for industry. The book offers practical advice on successful AI adoption and scaling—including specific use case examples—and provides tools for digital leaders to scope and plan their digital journey and define and measure success in terms the enterprise will understand. Generative AI is the most transformative technology to hit the market in ten years, and industrial organizations across the Energy and Manufacturing sectors are scrambling to keep pace with the accelerating, data-driven shifts that modern organizations must now navigate.

“The ability to converse with a machine presents far more than just entertainment value. Machines capable of translating natural language into machine language, while preserving intent – and context – provide the non-coder with code-level access. Plus, human language has been evolving for millennia and is now well-suited to general-purpose applications,” said Joe Lamming, Industry Analyst, Verdantix. “Cognite’s work so far with Large Language Models ( LLMs), grounded by its Industrial DataOps platform, is remarkable – with even greater value on the horizon in the form of not just data management, but information orchestrated by real, thoughtful AI.”

“Generative AI is fundamentally reshaping operational processes and it will be the digital mavericks who will be early adopters of this technology. Celanese has set the standard in industrial innovation with its Digital Plant of the Future; and by working with Cognite to accelerate AI implementation into our digital transformation strategy, it will allow us to raise the stakes once again and solidify Celanese as a leader in advanced manufacturing,” said Brenda Stout – Vice President Manufacturing, Celanese

“Safe, secure, hallucination-free generative AI is critical to paving the road to sustainable and profitable global energy supply and manufacturing excellence. However, industrial organizations can only leverage generative AI successfully by solving the industrial data problem first,” said Girish Rishi, CEO at Cognite. “This is the moment Cognite was built for, and The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry provides a comprehensive how-to for transformation leaders looking to drive actual bottom-line impact.”

The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry is the second book from Cognite and follows the 2021 release of The Definitive Guide to Industrial DataOps. Together, the books demystify industrial digitalization and help make sense of how Industrial DataOps and Industrial AI can revolutionize how organizations manage complex data. The books reflect the necessary journey industrial companies must take to evaluate, adopt, and scale digital transformations across their organizations.

Physical copies of the book are available for purchase. The full digital version of the book is also available online for free.